“ So what are we gonna eat tonight ? ”

We all struggle answering this question... Well that's why we created MIZAN.

To help you feel less stressed about tonight's dinner, more inspired in your daily life and to awaken the creativity that lies inside you !!


One Blend per Meal Type


How It Works

Cooking should always remain a pleasure, not a burdden !!

So with MIZAN it is just as simple as :

Gather Ingredients

Gather any leftovers or ingredients you have in your fridge or on your counter top

Pick your Style

Pick the meal type you are craving for: Roast, Soup, Salad, Drink and/or Dessert.

Put Together

Put your ingredients together with the blend of your choice and let the magic happen!

Enjoy !!

Enjoy the amazing meal full of flavours




1% Back ...

In addition of using ingredients and materials respecting the people as well as the planet, MIZAN aims to contribute fighting hunger and poverty in the world by giving back 1% of the benefits to the food-assistance branch of the United Nations : the World Food Program (WFP)

... to 100%

MIZAN spirit is following the path of Tasty Morocco and The Moroccan Escape event : helping people. For that reason, our goal is to give back 100% of the benefits as soon as investments and expenses will have been covered 🤞