The Adventurer Pack

If you love going off the beaten tracks, getting out of your comfort zone, and taking new challenges, this pack is for you !!

This pack includes :

1. Chlada : spices blend for salads - just add it to any of your salads (from plain green salad to tomatoes or avocados) with olive oil and lemon juice or vinegar and enjoy a new trip at every bite :P

2. Tajine : spices blend for stews - just put meat, onions and gralic. Add few veggies or even fruits for a little kick. Let it cook slowly to infuse all the tasty flavors. And enjoy your amazing comfy food :D

3. Sellou : nuts blend for desserts - bored by your daily yogourt or your favorite ice cream ? re-discover any of your desserts by adding this deliciously unique blend !!

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