The Authentic Pack

If you looking for an easy culinary travelling exprience, this pack is for you !!

This pack includes :

1. Harrira : spices blend for soups and pottages - just add it to any of your broths or pottages (from plain butternut to fancy winter leek cream) with a drop olive oil and enjoy the warm and sunny taste of the mediterranean coast  *o*

2. Charmoula : spices blend for roasts - in the hurry for a delicious, authentic still super-easy meal ? just sprinkle this uniquely balanced yet delicious authentic blend on any of your meat, fish or veggies, add some olive oil, put into your fried pan or stove and (re-)discover a brand new authentic dish :D

3. Atay : herbal infusion - Inspired from the Rose valley of Kelaat M'gouna between the Atlas mountains and the Moroccan Sahara desert, this floral herbal tea with the calming virtue of roses and orange blossom, both delightfully highlighted by the fruity and lemony flavors of hibiscus is the perfect way to unwind after a long day !

Caffeine and theine free

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